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"Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.
It is precisely that simple and also that difficult.”

– Warren Bennis
Curt Cronin

From Navy SEAL to Argonaut

Having served as a Commander of the Navy Seal 6 unit, I know about the power of the right mindset. Despite having cutting edge equipment and intelligence, it’s the combined mindset of the people around you that truly makes a special operations team. Leveraging the strengths of each individual and ensuring team alignment is what gets results – both in life and in business. With the Argonauts, we have created an environment for entrepreneurs to develop this mindset and learn to adapt it to their businesses.

Having an MBA or PhD surely qualifies you to do some things smarter and faster. However, theoretical knowledge acquired in the context of a classroom is no match for the experience of real business people having actually lived through what they talk about  — seasoned entrepreneurs who survived a crisis or excelled in a similar situation. Employing the advice from my group, I was able to grow my business exponentially over the last four years.

Curt Cronin

I knew that the lessons from my time as a SEAL were relevant in business too, which is why I founded Ridgeline Partners and other businesses here in San Francisco, California. We’ve taken what I learned in the Navy and from years of business experience and developed this know-how into our own methodology. This enables us to provide cutting-edge culture transformation, leadership coaching and executive training that help teams drive growth and innovation in an unparalleled fashion.

Everything I do involves people, and I knew that to get to the next level I would have to start investing in my own network. This is why I joined the Argonauts as a founding member. We designed it as a results focused network. We have the opportunity to show how we can help leaders unleash their potential, which creates a win-win for everyone involved.

Through the support I received, I was able to leave my former company on amicable terms and go on to build my current group of companies. The insights, processes and tools have also helped me to grow my company into a market leader in multiple industries. In addition to that, I’ve since gone on to build a leading broadway investment fund for broadway musicals, leveraging the expertise of the Argonauts network.

The Navy SEAL’s motto is “The only easy day was yesterday”. This applies to business, too. Tomorrow won’t be easy – but we will be prepared.

ArgonautCurt Cronin
LocationSan Francisco, USA
CompanyRidgeline Partners
IndustryLeadership & Management Consulting