Frequently asked questions

01 – Organization

Who we are

Who are you?

We are a platform for conscious leadership.

Who are you not?

We are non-ideological, non-dogmatic, non-esoteric and non-political: Hence, we are diametrically opposed to cults, gurus or quasi-religions as we believe in an exoteric, science-based approach in all frameworks and processes that our highly-trained professionals apply.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to nurture trust and empower purpose in individuals and organizations globally to solve real-world challenges, one conversation at a time.

What is your vision?

Our vision is a world that has upgraded its operating system from the transactional me-mindset to a we-consciousness.

What is your purpose?

Building Conscious Leadership, at scale.

What do you believe in?

Our belief is in the power of collective wisdom to change our worlds.

What are your core or meta values?

We A.R.E: We live with Awareness, Responsibility and Empathy
We A.C.T: We bring our wisdom to action with Aliveness, Courage and Trust

These values are in full coherence with the foundational principle of the European Union’s and the United Nations foundation for human rights: Human Dignity.

What is the main challenge you see?

We live in the age of disruption causing loss of trust and purpose.

Who is facing this challenge?

Individuals, teams, enterprises and society as a whole.

02 – Product

What we do

What is at the core of the experience?

Having the conversations that truly matter.

How is the experience delivered?

We provide an operating system for culture transformation and meaning-making.

Who are Argonaut members?

Leaders globally from all walks of life with the conscious leadership states of

  • Empathetic Seekers
  • Courageous Pioneers
  • Transformational Innovators

with the aliveness, courage and trust to bring their wisdom to action. They represent about 15% of the global population. 

How do you define a leader?

Argonauts are change makers, paradigm shifters and people inspirers.

What are the core benefits for the individual?

Having the conversations that truly matter to experience their world with trust, finding their purpose and aligning it with a larger mission together with a group of like-minded peers from around the world.

What are the core benefits for the enterprise?

Trust and purpose are the pillars of the future-proof enterprise:

  • Purposeful companies outperform the market by up to 42%
  • Trust is the #1 factor for high performing teams

How is the Trust Circle journey delivered?

In three different modules:

The individual experience, a solution for teams and as a platform for the enterprise.

What makes the Trust Circle experience unique?

It is

  • a productized experience,
  • professionally facilitated,
  • backed by community,
  • based on a proprietary methodology,
  • supported by tech,
  • democratizable and scalable.

What category is the product in?

It is a culture tech solution for a professional audience.

How is the Trust Circle journey different from executive leadership programs?

The Trust Circle process delivers the consistency in a continued space of psychological safety without which real change is not possible. It is the missing link to coaching and leadership programs. It creates a meaning-making layer within the organization as well as in the lives of the individual leader.

03 – Methodology

How we do it

Can you define what you mean by consciousness in a simple metaphor?

Consciousness is our human operating system through which we see and manage our world.

What do you mean by "expanding consciousness"?

Expanding consciousness means that our operating system needs an upgrade to cope with the exponentially growing complexities of the world. Or it runs the danger to crash.

Can you describe in a metaphor what "expanding consciousness" means?

Imagine running the hardware and apps of your current iPhone with the operating system of the iPhone 1. It would crash. That is what we are seeing with people, organizations and institutions: We as humans have constantly been upgrading our technical world while still running on an operating system 1.0 level – using IQ-only.

Our solution upgrades the human operating system from 1.0 to 2.0: adding EQ to create CQ as a level 3. We are catalyzing the full spectrum of human intelligences, expanding human consciousness – one conversation at a time.

Why is a new leadership paradigm necessary for corporations?

We are moving from a shareholder to a stakeholder to a purpose holder paradigm at an exponential rate. The complexities of this shift require an expanding leadership consciousness from the dependent (IQ) to the independent (EQ) to the interdependent mindset (CQ).

How do you make culture transformation happen?

Based on three pillars:

  1. Expanding consciousness of leaders through Conversational Fluency™, the collective language of trust and purpose.
  2. Our Trust Circle™ journey harmonizes the three core human intelligences within a unique methodology.
  3. Our proprietary CSLP™ dashboard provides a roadmap to the individual’s and their team’s Conscious States of Leadership.

How does your framework align individuals with the purpose of the organization?

We combine leadership development with the development of an organization. To level a path for an organization we have to be the change we want to see in the world. Our Framework directly aligns the individual change reflected in the change of the organization, so individual purpose and the mission of the organization can coexist and align.

What are the main elements of your culture transformation operating system?

We combine proven principles of peer mentoring with the psychology of vertical development and Gestalt and integrate those with The Argonauts’ methodology, our Conscious States of Leadership assessment tool (CSLP) and an immersive video conference software solution.

What makes your methodology proprietary?

  • IQ + EQ = CQ™
  • Conversational Fluency™
  • We ARE™ & We ACT™
  • Wisdom in Action™
  • CSLP™

What modules make your operating system proprietary?

  • Trust Circle™ journey
  • Argoverse™ content
  • Argosphere™ technology

What makes The Argonauts’ approach work?

Our solution solves the limitations of standard executive leadership programs and leverages the strong correlation of conscious leadership and a purpose driven culture for the creation of the interdependent and future proof enterprise.

How does expanding consciousness correlate with vertical development and the protocol for Forum conversations?

Expanding consciousness, Harvard’ Psychology School of Vertical Development and the Forum protocol, developed by YPO based on the school of Gestalt Psychology both describe the same principle: Adding skills or competencies means horizontal learning using IQ or cognitive intelligence, only. Adding emotional and collective intelligence leads to vertical development, which allows for the exponential expansion of learning capabilities to master the complexities of the VUCA world.

How can the process using these principles be described in a few words?

This process happens through the core human principles of conversation and belonging. Belonging through a value-based community of like-minded peers and conversations that truly matter in facilitated peer-to-peer groups in spaces of psychological safety with trust and purpose at the core.

How would you explain what The Argonauts is about in 12 steps?

  1. We are about building ​​trust and empowering purpose. 
  2. The performance driven, IQ-only based system does not work any longer. 
  3. People privately and professionally feel alienated and alone, trust and purpose are eroding. 
  4. Building trust and empowering purpose requires a culture transformation from the inside out. 
  5. Culture transformation to expand consciousness is driven by conversations that truly matter. 
  6. These conversations require a coherent methodology
  7. and a consistent space of psychological safety. 
  8. Gaining Conversational Fluency, the harmony of the outer IQ and the inner EQ dialogue, is key. 
  9. It takes a collective to combine IQ with EQ and get to the CQ collective intelligence. 
  10. The Trust Circle journey creates the space and process for the individual and collective. 
  11. Three Conscious States of Leadership are core Argonauts potential, representing about 15% of the population who are the trailblazers of any organization (but usually alone).
  12. We deliver an operating system for culture transformation from conversation to action. 

Curious about The Argonauts?

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