We exist to inspire leaders to transform into their fullest selves.

The Argonauts nurture trust and empower purpose in leaders globally to solve real-world challenges, one conversation at a time.

Trusted and inspired by leaders worldwide

We were born out of a simple question – how can we live meaningful lives?

The world calls for responsible practices that prioritize people and the planet. At The Argonauts, we believe in the power of collective wisdom to change our world.

Our commitment is to empower conscious leaders who drive positive change and innovation. By embracing a transformative mindset shift, we can confront the challenges of our time.

Conscious leadership is the catalyst that can transform us as individuals and as a collective.

Holistic growth

Gain greater self-knowledge and awareness through a conscious leadership transformation. Uncover your Conscious State of Leadership and learn how to balance the different states in life and work. Identify and confront difficult problems in your life without judgment or advice giving. Develop the skills and traits needed to better connect with others.

Lifelong connections

Undergo a transformative journey with like-minded peers at the top of their fields. Connect with and form lifelong bonds with change makers across the board: Executives, entrepreneurs, and activists. Tap into a support system to tackle personal and professional challenges.

Purpose and impact

Find and or align your purpose with other inspirational individuals to create impact and leave a lasting legacy. With the power of community, take on grand challenges and go beyond the norm to reach your true potential.

Core values

Part of our methodology involves the development of certain traits in order to become more conscious leaders. As you may expect, we strive to live through these values ourselves as a company. These values can be described as ARE and ACT.

We A.R.E

Awareness: Spending time to reflect on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that we can show up better in the world.

Responsibility: Using our heightened awareness to take control and choose how we are and how we respond to situations.

Empathy: Understanding and having the ability to navigate the conscious states, psychology, emotions, and behaviors of others.

We A.C.T

Aliveness: Living, breathing, and embodying the things that give us life. This could be our purpose, passions, and things that energize us and bring fulfillment.

Courage: Leaving our comfort zone to confront difficult truths and grow as individuals. Doing the difficult things in spite of fear, doubt, and potential setbacks.

Trust: Dealing and accepting the unknown. Learning to believe in ourselves, others, and the situations we find ourselves in.

Where we come from

Built over a 15+ years long journey

Planet Earth

The potential for global impact of The Argonauts became clear with the launch of a global phenomenon: the documentaries “Deep Blue” and “Planet Earth,” of which Stefan Beiten, the initiator of The Argonauts, served as one of the Executive Producers. This groundbreaking project was a pivotal moment in expanding humanity’s consciousness, promoting a shift from an individualistic “me” mindset to a collective “we” way of thinking.

First Trust Circle

We began our first Trust Circle journey, guided by our relentless belief in the power of a safe space for meaningful conversations that truly matter.

YPO Berlin Chapter

Founding of the YPO Berlin Chapter through Stefan Beiten and Nikolaus Weil, Argonaut of the first hour, with the introduction of the Forum Protocol, which became the foundation for The Argonauts’ methodology.

Roll-out of Trust Circles

Building on our success, we began the mission to bring this transformative experience to leaders worldwide.

Roll-out of Trust Circles for Teams and Enterprises

After the Pandemic, we’ve taken it one step further by rolling out our programs into larger organizations. Because in a post-COVID world, we all recognize that cultural transformation towards conscious leadership is crucial for progress.

The myth

Following in the footsteps of timeless heroes

The name “The Argonauts” refers to the ancient Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts – a group of heroes who rallied together in search of the Golden Fleece.

Individually, each hero was a pinnacle of greatness. But coming together as a group, they were able to do things that neither of them could do alone. They empowered each other, aligned their purpose and created collective wisdom to embark on one of the greatest journeys ever. To complete it successfully, each hero had to transition from a state of “me” to “we” to work in harmony with the collective. To capture the “Golden Vlies”, the metaphorical fulfilment in life.

We believe this myth is entirely relevant in the modern world. With the challenges we face at home, work, and in our societies, communities and groups coming together to empower each other and lead with consciousness is now desperately needed.

Our team

Meet the people behind The Argonauts

Stefan Beiten

Initiator & Co-Founder

“My vision for the Argonauts goes beyond personal growth. I believe that conscious leadership has the power to drive societal change through the business world. By cultivating a community of conscious leaders, we can create a ripple effect that positively impacts not just our individual lives, but also the world around us.”

Loes Fokker

Co-Founder & Chief of Culture

“I co-founded the Argonauts because I strongly believe in the power of collective wisdom to navigate the unique potential and challenges of our world. Every single one of us has something unique to contribute. When we fully embrace our calling, we can truly transform our futures.“

Krzysztof Karolczak

Co-Founder & COO

Eveline van den Heuvel


Freya Mi-Ju Busse

Art Director

Jeremy Reynolds


Kasha Mohamid


Penelope Mavor


Rob Husband


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