Found, then lost

Nathan King is the Founder & CEO of Kingprop Developments and an Argonaut from Melbourne, Australia 

"Change. It’s here. Is has to be. This is the essence of The Argonauts: To be change, to make change: on an individual, societal and global scale. To change the present, so as to shape a new future."

Bang off the bat there are two journeys — more than any of the thousands I am, and have been on — that stick out; and to say the first of these two, “dropped me in the deep end young” is an understatement. At 17 I had to take on my old man’s business due to extreme financial difficulties; it was do or drown. Luckily for me I learnt to swim, got on with it, did the job and delivered. I’d found a way to survive and get on top. You’d think that’d be enough to set someone up for the challenges of life, but that wasn’t to be the case.

The second journey sent me completely the other way. Spiraling so far down into the unknown that I collapsed in on myself. It essentially saw me waste six years of my life. Approximately 2190 days gone, lost. Putting it bluntly I was trapped in a psychosis, brought on by being given something known as the “spirit molecule” or DMT. Not once, not twice, but three times in quick succession. The human psyche, in my experience, isn’t equipped to handle something so “revolutionary”; certainly when it is unexpected and you don’t really know what it is.

Incredibly, I found a way through, and here I am, a stronger, much richer, fully rounded being, but ironically via an experience I wouldn’t wish on any one. However, the resulting insights, the experience it put me through, is something I truly believe is beneficial, and one I strive to get people to find. To be clear, I am not advocating it as a way forward — to unintentionally be given an overdose of one of natures’ most powerful psychoactive agents — but via any number of self-discovery journeys that you can take within yourself you can arrive at a place where the understanding you gain truly empowers.


Always in flux

As we go through each day we’re constantly on any number of journeys as different people at any one time. Even when the situation is the same, the way I interact with person A will be different to how I interact with person B. We are a myriad of identities as we travel through any moment. It’s quite the revelation when you step back and see this, and for me personally this has enabled me to understand how beneficial this insight is: To know that we are not constant, but instead are in flux from one moment to the next. I have found it to be a powerful tool in business as I am “aware” of who to be. 

We are not constant, but in a flux from one moment to the next.”

Also, understanding what happened to me, and drawing on that, I came to be more fully engaged with the human experience, and it is a journey I am always going to be excited to be on. Some people never actually do this. They stay static, don’t grow, and forever respond to any situation in the same, even singular way. They don’t draw on a well of experience because they haven’t engaged with themselves, those around them, or society. They are cut off from development and growth. This is where The Argonauts wealth of collective experience through its members comes into its own as we aim to show doors, paths and possibilities, even ways to escape self-entrapment, to those who have the ability to do so.


Assessment to guidance

The Argonauts will engage with a prospective candidate and work within a spectrum of physiological fluidity to see where problems are, and as to whether this approach can disentangle the patterns that are causing problems. The Argonauts also assess the pace at which a person has the potential to change, how fluid they are in any one situation. Can you self-heal? Self-assess? Can you truly, fully, know yourself, via what can be a very challenging honesty? Once assessed — these fundamental attributes that will power the journey to who you are — The Argonauts community is available to be your support, your feedback, your family.

I found that to be able to reinvent yourself, to be able to look at an old identity and if necessary force changes — to grab yourself by the lapels and walk a different path — you need to be terrifyingly honest with yourself. This has been an immense task for me personally, one that has put me on a journey I never thought existed, never mind possible.

Wherever you are, at whatever point you find yourself, you can decode yourself and find what you are designed for. Here honesty is key, an absolute fundamental, once we are honest with ourselves, we then look to be honest on ever larger scales, with our families, with our team, with society, with humanity.


Wisdom holders

As people who have “come out on the other side”, we offer clear, proven ways in which you can untangle yourself from the constant stream of inputs, ideas, possible solutions and white noise that can lead to fear and inaction. We demonstrate approaches that will allow you to yield to stimuli that would otherwise see us lash out reflexively, instead, with the experience we share, you get to choose who it is — of the many personas we are — you respond with.

A core component of this project is to free you, while recognizing that there’s the complexity of who we are, and who we have been.


Change: It’s here

That says it all, encapsulates what we are doing: Change. It’s here. It has to be. You only have to look around to recognize how this has to be a platform from which to launch ourselves anew. 


The Argonauts look to deconstruct and put back together — through an approach that is aligned, supportive, and proven. By implementing this process of “untangling” we can find who we are, leaving us not just “true” as singular entities, but as “found” within our community. Productive, confident, loved. It is then that we can act and work together for each other. This is the essence of The Argonauts, a place to develop, evoke, and find something more than we are now. To be change, to make change: on an individual, societal and global scale. To change the present, so as to shape a new future.


– Nathan King

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