The time to make a difference is now.

Empowering conscious leadership for all
with trust and purpose at its core.

trusted by more than 2,000 leaders worldwide

Who we are

The Argonauts is a mission for conscious culture transformation.

Over 2.000 Argonauts worldwide agree to a #1 question: How can we create a culture that drives the conversations that truly matter and overcome the age of alienation we are in?

The Argonauts Trust Circle solution revolutionizes the way conscious leadership is cultivated and nurtured. Our next-generation programs are designed for individuals, teams, and organizations, with trust and purpose at the core.

What we do

The future of leadership is collective mindsets, not competencies

The Trust Circle methodology integrates cognitive and emotional intelligence to catalyze CQ, our collective wisdom. It energizes leaders individually and as collaborative teams at all levels of every organization.

Trust Circles are the new operating system for the culture transformation to collective mindsets, measurable and at scale.

By harmonizing IQ and EQ to awaken CQ, we unlock the potential for lasting transformation and drive conscious leadership at scale. We create the meaning-making layer that infuses aliveness into individuals and the organization as a whole.

Your benefits

Real results – created by human magic, proven by science.

Trust and purpose are the pillars of the future-proof enterprise.

Our mission is to nurture trust and empower purpose with conscious leaders globally solving real-world challenges, one conversation at a time. 

Trust is the #1 factor for high performing teams
Purposeful companies outperform the market by 42%
Higher Innovation
Less Burnout
Higher Talent Retention
Our solution

The time to make a difference is now.

And we scale with you.

Our purpose is to build conscious leadership, at scale. Empowering change makers, paradigm shifters and people inspirers.

The Navigator Trust Circle Program

Building Conscious Leaders

An exclusive Trust Circle Journey for entrepreneurs, decision makers, and the paradigm shifter in everyone. The Navigator Trust Circle offers a priceless experience of deep and meaningful conversations to connect with others and expand our individual as well as collective consciousness with like-minded peers. To become a Navigator, you must complete the Conversational Fluency Master Class and apply for Navigator membership.

The Trust Circles for Teams Program

Building Conscious Leadership

Transform your team’s potential with the Trust Circle for Teams solution, designed for the entire organization. After taking the CSLP assessment and attending the Conversational Fluency Master Class, teams create long-term Circles and collaborate on impact projects. Creating an interconnected network of Trust Circles within an organization can ignite a heightened consciousness, empowering teams to become influential change agents.

The Conversational Fluency Enterprise Program

Building Conscious Leadership, At Scale

The Conversational Fluency Enterprise program is a groundbreaking solution designed to empower change-makers and inspire leaders to elevate their consciousness. Identify the trust and purpose torchbearers in the organization as you embark on a phased, customizable journey towards a sustainable culture transformation. It fosters an internal community dedicated to growth and development to unlock your organization’s full potential.

We enable lasting transformation

The Trust Circle solution cultivates conscious leadership which nurtures trust and empowers purpose in teams.

  • The Argonauts have helped us in the management team to create and nourish conversations we would have probably never had without them. As a result, we as a team, have established a type of trust we have not had before.

    Daniel Gänswein
    Team Lead Marketing at RIDE Capital
  • Through my team’s Trust Circles, I’ve experienced first-hand the transformative power of Conversational Fluency. It has elevated our conscious leadership to unprecedented heights and sparked the creation of a culture that drives us to achieve exceptional results for all stakeholders. Focusing on trust and purpose has empowered us collectively to navigate uncertain times with greater confidence and resilience, as a team.

    Vinod Philip
    Energy Industry Executive
  • I’m a mechanical engineer and have been working for the last 25 years as an engineering educator, an industry that needs a cultural and leadership shift. With the Argonauts, I have that launch pad to implement those changes.

    Katherina Tarnai-Lokhorst
    President at Lokhorst Group Ventures
  • My Argonauts Trust Circle enables me to translate trust and purpose through the struggles of business. Applying the method has been incredibly valuable at how I am leading my business and my teams.

    Eric Hanson
    CEO at International Scientific Advisors
  • With every conversation with my fellow Argonauts I become better-informed and make better choices. Because of conscious leadership, our communication is clearer and more authentic, and our company is more effective in succeeding in its mission.

    Adam Greenwood-Byrne
    CEO at Real VNC

Loes Fokker, Co-Founder

Our core

The new Trust Circle™ experience. Based on 30 years of experience.

  • Awareness
  • Responsibility
  • Empathy

Our belief is in the power of collective wisdom to change our individual, organizational and societal worlds.

The Trust Circle™ provides a professionally facilitated, secure environment for fostering deep connections, trust, and collective wisdom in a group of up to eight peers. It nurtures conscious leaders to have transformative, missing conversations, unlocking team potential and boosting organizational success.

Join a community of passionate paradigm-shifters.

The Trust Circle members are a highly supportive community of like-minded peers committed to personal and collective growth, fostering mutual support and empowerment beyond the traditional client-consultant dynamic.

The Argonauts’ Summit 2022, Athens

Stefan Beiten, Founder

Our Why

Embracing ancient wisdom in a fast-paced world

Our founding Circle at The Argonauts has undergone a 15-year transformative journey, fostering a deep level of human connection and group coherence through personal and professional challenges, resulting in the creation of the Argonauts Manifesto that blends the ancient myth of the Argonaut saga with a contemporary vision for conscious leadership, enabling transformative personal and professional growth with powerful societal impact.

Our How

Start your journey from Me to We.

Conversational Fluency™ is the core of our methodology. It harmonizes our inner and outer dialogue through the principles of ARE™: Awareness, Responsibility and Empathy.

Implemented in the Trust Circle journey, it serves as a catalyst for the transformation from “me” to “we”. It moves us from a scarcity, transaction-based mindset of the intellectual mind to an abundance mindset of the soulful mind through meaningful conversations. We expand our worldview, nurture community, and elevate consciousness. Embodying Conversational Fluency™ unlocks endless possibilities for human magic.

Get in touch

Your transformation begins now.

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