Calling all conscious leaders... The world needs you.

Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. Both are easier when surrounded by a community.

The Argonauts is a platform where conscious leaders connect, share and grow to make a positive impact in the world.

How often do you ask yourself…

"What am I really working towards?"

"What defines me as a leader?"

"What purpose does my role serve?"

"How can I make a conscious impact in the world?"

What if there was a way you could achieve your highest potential and make a lasting difference in the world?

What if all it took was the right questions?

It all starts with having a different conversation.

What is the Navigator experience?

Drs. Loes Fokker is here to explain it in a nutshell. 

Our story

12 years ago, a group of entrepreneurs met during a series of life-changing events. Each of them was at the peak of their career and on a path towards personal development. They committed to forming a circle based on trust – meeting monthly to share their experiences, feelings and thoughts openly, vulnerably and non-judgmentally through their lightest and darkest times.

Along the way, something life-changing happened. Explanations were no longer needed: within this group, a deeper understanding had formed, not only towards each other but also in themselves.

Why is what we do.

Disrupting the status quo for a new mindset

Leaders of today are accountable for results or revenue, but also for the well-being of their teams and organizations.

It’s time to reassess old ways of thinking and doing that aren’t working – to find ways that contribute to a more sustainable world.

In a world of regulations, rules, social and economic pressures, it’s difficult to make choices. The transactional ways we communicate have created an illusion of purpose.

When the pursuit of the next reward is the only thing driving us, what are we really working towards?

A so-called comfortable life without much meaning.

This ‘hunger for more’ is a road to nowhere wreaking havoc on our hearts, minds and planet.

How do we connect with other leaders?

The Navigator Membership is a premium membership we offer conscious leaders that includes:

Trust Circle

Connect with peer leaders in intimate groups to be guided on a journey of conscious leadership through monthly exercises. You’ll have regular monthly meetings led by a facilitator to explore any business, personal, or community challenge you might be facing.

learn more about our Trust Circle

Experience Sharing

Connect with a community of 2,000 peers worldwide that are here to support you whenever you need it.

Online & Offline Spaces

Join our series of online events and take part in our retreats and gatherings worldwide to connect with other like minded-souls and have in-depth, non-judgemental conversations to gain fresh perspectives.


Gain free access to content surrounding all facets of conscious leadership, weekly Q&A sessions where you can ask advice from experienced conscious leaders.


Access to different types of assessments, quizzes, and surveys will help you find out where you stand on your conscious leadership journey and how we can best support you.


In between Trust Circles, peer-to-peer mentors will motivate you along the way.

What does the Navigator journey look like?

Anke Valkhof gives an overview of the journey and underlying methodology. 

Who is this membership for?

Our members are CEOs, founders, creatives, artists and ambitious corporate warriors. 

Why do leaders, founders, presidents, who have already achieved great business success join a network of other leaders?

The answer is simple: The Argonauts is the only place they can find the level of trust, commitment, and communication they need to feel they make a difference in the world.

Who are The Argonauts, really?





/ 10

avg. satisfaction*

The Argonauts and their approach create impact and opportunities for communities and corporations globally.

*Average satisfaction score of our Navigating Members, recorded after each Trust Circle session

Our values define us. Anything we do in life connects to our values and our actions are led by:


We encourage each other to practice playful authenticity, and to understand we all have lenses through which we see ourselves and the world. Being aware also means changing our autopilot mindset through raised consciousness and holistic view.


We take ownership of our actions. We understand ourselves as the co-creator of our lives and search for solutions in the face of adversity. We understand that as conscious leaders, it’s our responsibility to be the change we want to see in the world.


Life is fuller when we live with empathy. With it as our superpower, we can be defined by more than our roles, responsibilities and goals. As Argonauts, we engage each other with kindness and authenticity – being empathic towards ourselves, others and our environment.

The Argonauts Community

Such a great journey doesn’t happen without your effort and willingness to change. We also protect our members from leaders who are not ready to become part of our community.

To become a part of our community, you should care about:


To make a conscious impact, we expect you to be fully committed. You have to take initiative and be held accountable for your promises. This includes showing up fully present to your Trust Circles and being proactive in between to benefit the whole community.


To contribute, you need to be aware of yourself. Are you ready to be vulnerable with each other and speak about challenges – not only wins? To protect the quality of The Argonauts community, we rely on members to be eager to contribute and get outside of their comfort zones.


Safeguarding authenticity is one of our top values. We practice active listening, which means not giving advice – and only asking fruitful questions. Judgement is not in our vocabulary, and whatever we share in the community, stays private. We will not hesitate to remove members who fail to respect the privacy of our community.

Experience the journey of growth

When we realize the journey of growth starts with ourselves, that’s when we can unlock our superpowers and make a conscious impact on the collective world.

See what The Argonauts Community has to say...

  • “When I first joined The Argonauts, I was reminded of these announcements on a plane when they say, first you put your oxygen mask on your own face before you take care of someone else. And I thought that the Argonauts could be my oxygen mask.”

    Katia Walsh
    Chief Strategy & A.I Officer at Levi Strauss, USA
  • “My Circle is a sacred space the Argonauts are providing. I have been in the Corporate HR space all my life, have worked with countless coaches and C-Suite executives – never ever have I had the experience that I have had in my Trust Circle with our Argonauts’ facilitator. This experience has brought myself and the people in the Circle to a level that I, as a professional in this space, would have never believed is possible. Within just a few months, I have developed a relationship with my Circle peers that is as deep as family – they have become part of my family. It has been just a fantastic, wonderful, magical experience and I get super excited every time when my next Trust Circle session is coming up.”

    Diana Pacheco
    Chief People Officer at Goddard Enterprises Ltd., USA
  • “Couldn’t believe that you can have this kind of intimacy with people you have never met.”

    Dirk Wolf
    Managing Director & CFO at Market Logic Software, Germany

Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.

Both are easier when you are a Navigator.

Leaving already?Let's stay in touch

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