Join a Trust Circle: your antidote in the time of disruption and disconnection.

A Trust Circle offers an intimate, professionally guided peer-support group using a unique process for meaningful, courageous conversations. These priceless experiences enhance self-leadership and leadership skills in life, family, and within your organization at all levels.

Trusted by more than 2,000 leaders worldwide

Answering the call for a more conscious way of leading and living

The individual and collective challenges of our times require us to rethink our learning paradigm of life. Traditional approaches to personal development and leadership which prioritize competencies above all no longer work. Today, the conscious leadership framework is the name of the game to deal with the complexity of the world. In turn, you can create impact, leave a legacy, and fulfill your potential.

Embark today on a transformative program with a proven methodology and your personal facilitated support system.

A proven methodology and expert support system

Over a period of 5 years, we worked alongside 2000+ leaders at leading companies to discover the formula of conscious leadership. Based on the 60+ years of academic research around vertical development theory, we turned the formula into the Conversational Fluency methodology:

IQ + EQ = CQ

This formula expresses our holistic leadership development which includes intelligence, empathy, and collective wisdom.


When had in a structured and specific way, conversations are the key mechanism to meaningful relationships and conscious leadership.

Trust Circle Format

Coming together regularly to have missing and difficult conversations in small groups of peers. This is done in a safe psychological environment for free expression.

Expert facilitation

The Conversational Fluency methodology and management of the process is taught and guided by an expert.

What's in the program?

The exclusive Trust Circle Program is for entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and the paradigm shifter in everyone: The Navigator. You will enjoy meaningful conversations to continuously connect at a deeper level and expand our individual as well as collective consciousness with like-minded peers from around the globe.

Here’s what the program looks like in more detail.

Program components

The Trust Circle

Monthly Session

You will be part of a Trust Circle; a personal online forum of up to eight committed peers. You will engage in monthly sessions to have conversations in a safe and supportive space to cultivate self-exploration and relationship-building, build trust, and the nurturing of purpose.

Professional facilitation

An expert facilitator maintains the quality of each conversation in your Trust Circle with the application of the Conversational Fluency methodology. During the program, you will be trained in the methodology and facilitation so you can also bring these skills to your organization or friendship groups.

Peer Mentoring

Undergo peer-to-peer mentoring with individuals at the top of their respective fields – executives, entrepreneurs, creatives, and more. Support each other’s personal and professional growth. Build relationships for open and honest communication. Get and provide feedback, guidance, and advice in a safe and supportive environment.

Program components

The Curriculum

Conversational Fluency

Our proven methodology fosters deep connection and expands your conscious leadership to harmonize the three human intelligences: cognitive, emotional and the collective. You will be taught the skills needed to not only expand your individual conscious leadership, but harmonize with other people’s states too.

12 Qualities

We support the development of a new way of thinking and leading through 12 conscious leadership qualities. They help us harmonize three different ways of being in the world:

  1. The ways we offer ourselves to the world,
  2. The eyes through which we view the world,
  3. The habits we develop and apply in the world

Four Waves

The program can be divided into four phases that we call “waves”.

  • Wave 1: IQ – Leading by understanding.
  • Wave 2: EQ – Leading by emotional experience.
  • Wave 3: CQ – Leading by creating coherence.
  • Wave 4: Leading by cultivating impact. 


Together, our members develop what we believe the core values of purposeful, conscious leaders are: Awareness, Responsibility, and Empathy (We ARE™) . Conversational Fluency and ARE turn into actionable wisdom (We ACT™), in every conversation we have. They manifest, personally and professionally, in societal innovation.

Program components

The Add-ons

Impact Space

The Impact Space is a collaborative platform for the whole community to work on various impact projects. You can create your own Impact Project, explore and share insights, access tools and resources to support your projects, and connect with others for mutual support and growth.

Online Events

Meet other Argonauts at regular online events to engage in topics around conscious leadership. In addition to learning and growth, these events are opportunities to interact with the entire Argonauts community to meet other peers and inspiring people.

Signature Journeys & Retreats

Join remarkable gatherings at some of the most awe-inspiring locations on the planet, combining natural beauty with locally inspired stories and teachings that raise us higher as human beings and actualize our leadership potential.

Master Classes

Deepen your abilities and knowledge in specific fields with Master Classes. Our two flagship ones are the Conversational Fluency Master Class and The Empowering Purpose Master Class.

Cultivating real-world impact in a community of peers.

As Navigators, members have the opportunity to receive Cultivator status and create their own impact project either individually, with other Navigators, or with members of corporate Trust Circles, putting their wisdom into action. This allows them to take their personal and collective growth beyond the Trust Circle Journey and into real-world impact.

A recap of the summit in Athen

Why do founders and executives who have already achieved great material success join a network of like-hearted leaders?

Argonauts Navigators represent a scarce worldwide leadership network, where only 7% of leaders fit the requirements.

The Argonauts is the only place they can find the level of trust, commitment, and communication they need to feel to make a difference in the world – co-creating a new paradigm within the seismic shift the world is experiencing now.

It’s a creative space for meaning-making from which you, your communities and your organizations can inspire purpose with sustainable impact.

How to become a Navigator

The Argonauts is a carefully curated global community and platform for conscious leaders. To uphold the high quality of members and conversations, we follow a strict application process. The prerequisite of joining as a Navigator is the Conscious States of Leadership Profile as well as the Conversational Fluency Master Class.

Upon successful application, Navigators will either be introduced to an existing Trust Circle or become a member of a new Circle. 

See what other Navigators have to say

  • “When I first joined The Argonauts, I was reminded of these announcements on a plane when they say, first you put your oxygen mask on your own face before you take care of someone else. And I thought that the Argonauts could be my oxygen mask.”

    Katia Walsh
    Chief Strategy & A.I Officer at Levi Strauss, USA
  • “My Circle is a sacred space the Argonauts are providing. I have been in the Corporate HR space all my life, have worked with countless coaches and C-Suite executives – never ever have I had the experience that I have had in my Trust Circle with our Argonauts’ facilitator. This experience has brought myself and the people in the Circle to a level that I, as a professional in this space, would have never believed is possible. Within just a few months, I have developed a relationship with my Circle peers that is as deep as family – they have become part of my family. It has been just a fantastic, wonderful, magical experience and I get super excited every time when my next Trust Circle session is coming up.”

    Diana Pacheco
    Chief People Officer at Goddard Enterprises Ltd., USA
  • “It is fascinating that you can create this kind of connection with people you have never met.”

    Dirk Wolf
    Managing Director & CFO at Market Logic Software, Germany
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