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"Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.
It is precisely that simple and also that difficult.”

– Warren Bennis
Membership in The Argonauts

Transactional, egocentric leadership and traditional networking are a thing of the past

The Argonauts provide cutting-edge transformational leadership development facilitated by an exceptional peer group community.

Powerful Self Reflection

Grow as a leader through reflection, powerful self-assessments and continuous tracking of your progress

Authentic Experience Sharing

Learn through transformational experience sharing with globally diversified peers in a professionally facilitated process 

Facilitated Peer Connections

Open new channels, acquire needed expertise and engage with the right people through targeted, facilitated introductions

Trusted by more than 2,000 peers from 68 countries

  • Having the right peer group with peers who have your back is something that isn’t spoken about that much. But from my experience, it is one of the most crucial elements if you want to achieve great things. Within the Argonauts, I can be myself without putting on a facade and talk about real issues without anyone ever judging, providing a circle of trust. This community empowers you as a person and as a leader.

    Dr. Sam Hazledine
    Executive Chairman at MedWorld, New Zealand
  • There are so many things you can take away from your board experience that no MBA or a PhD in the world can provide. But you get that input, not in the context of a classroom, but in the context of real business people having actually lived through what they talk about, survived a crisis or excelled in a similar situation. Building on the experiences from my group, I was able to grow my business exponentially over the last four years.

    Curt Cronin
    CEO at Ridgeline Partners, USA
  • What I really hope to achieve is create businesses that not only have a business case but provide social value, too. I want to build deep relationships with my customers and the communities we serve. Through the Argonauts, I gained insights from thought leaders who have achieved just that – creating ethical, social and profitable businesses.

    Dwayne Kerrigan
    Senior Helpers, Canada
Tangible results

Members on average experience the following results

Personal fulfillment


Professional success


Flourishing relationships

Courageous leaders, passionate life

Be part of the leadership renaissance

Our members are courageous innovators, executives and entrepreneurs committed to driving lasting, positive impact on our world


Free Membership

We are a global movement driving the leadership renaissance and thereby leaving transactional, hierarchical, bottom-line focused leadership behind.

As courageous leaders, we share authentically, practice vulnerability, and move towards ecocentric and transformational leadership.

We connect, share and grow at global events, through online challenge explorations and other unique membership benefits.

Whom it is for

We are a global community for innovators, executives, and entrepreneurs committed to driving lasting impact.

The Argonauts community is for leaders that practice transformational leadership, value other peers’ experiences and contribute with their own knowledge.

Argonauts are equipped with a growth mindset, recognizing that the best outcomes for society and business are intimately linked to personal growth.

How to join

Membership is by invitation-only. Members –both Argonauts and Friends of the Argonauts– may recommend potential candidates to the Membership Committee.

If you have not been recommended or invited yet but believe that you and your organization should be part of this global leadership movement, please fill in the → application form to see if you are eligible for membership.

What it will cost

Membership as a Friend of the Argonauts is free of charge. Friends of the Argonauts usually invest between 2 and 6 hours monthly. As always in life, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Membership Benefits

Experience Sharing

1 exclusive piece of content per month from leading minds

Open Circle

1 live webinar per month with an Argonaut exploring a real-life challenge

Unforgettable Events

Access to 2 exclusive events per year to meet fellow members and renowned speakers

Transformational Partnerships

1 special partner benefit to nurture personal fulfillment, professional success or flourishing relationships
Transformational experiences

The inner circle

Friends of the Argonauts who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to the community and transformational leadership are invited to become Argonauts and join their personal Trust Circle. 


Paid Membership

Argonauts are leaders that have proven themselves to be particularly courageous, authentic, and transformational. They know the power of deep sharing and are committed to growth, experience sharing, and living beyond the comfort zone.

As an Argonaut, you become part of a Trust Circle of 8 Argonauts; the very core of this community movement.

Whom it is for

The Argonauts membership is designed for leaders who are ready to take the next step in their development and courageously share their challenges and experiences with the community. Inspired by the Argonaut heroes of Greek myth, the Argonauts are leaders who have demonstrated the courage to model authentic and clear direction. Tasked with inspiring transformation in global leadership, they support the greater community through deep sharing of experiences and knowledge and have taken leadership in the direction of our shared future as Argonauts.

How to join

As our community relies heavily on mutual trust and experience sharing, we place special value on selecting the right members for our Trust Circles among the Friends of the Argonauts. Therefore, membership as an Argonaut is by invitation only.

What it will cost

Argonauts usually invest between 2 and 8 hours every month into the community. Participation in events or partner programs is voluntary and on-demand. The Argonaut membership comes at a monthly investment of US$ 350 plus a one-time US$ 2,500 Initiation fee. During the first three months of your membership, your “Initiation”, you will undergo an expertly designed leadership training that covers communication and leadership skills needed for your Trust Circle. The Initiation is covered by the Initiation fee; membership fees will not be charged for that period.

Membership Benefits

Argonauts get unlimited access to all benefits of Friends of the Argonauts, plus:

Your Trust Circle

Trust Circle of 8 globally diverse peers who follow a digitally facilitated process with a measurable outcome. Partake in monthly confidential and authentic exchanges based on a profound methodology and timeless virtues

Network Concierge

Open new doors through one facilitated personal introduction every month
  • “I’m glad I am part of a global community whose members want to positively change the world”

    Sue Stockdale
    Speaker, Coach, Author - Argonaut
  • “I thought that I owe it to myself as an executive, as a citizen of the world, as a person, to be part of this community. I never even knew it existed. But now that I know, I am just thrilled. The Argonauts is my oxygen mask.”

    Chief Strategy Officer of global clothing corporate & Argonaut

Have you been invited to become a Friend of the Argonauts?

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