Meet some of our members

The Argonauts is a community of diverse, authentic leaders sparking their passion as entrepreneurs and artists, scholars and performers, innovators and creators. Embarking on a shared journey, we are transforming the world as we transform ourselves. One hero at a time.

CEO at Kingprop Developments.
Melbourne, Australia

My Trust Circle set me free from what had been problems, gave me such a sense of energy that even while having a baby I was able to successfully grow the company to $100 m assets under construction and be super happy. The Circle has become a tool I can rely on, go to, grow within and through, I have more confidence, drive and focus than ever before.

Nathan King
Director at Cityneon.
Dr. Nandu Nandakumar
CTO at Razorthink.
Bangalore, India
Amanda Cassatt
Advisor at ConsenSys.
New York, USA
Dr. Axel Bouchon
Head of Leaps at Bayer.
Mo Moubarak
Co-Founder at MoBerries.
Berlin, Germany

I have learned that there is no more valuable a thing than sitting regularly together with a group of peers that know how to listen, communicate experience, and lead you to your own solutions. In all honesty, my Trust Circle peers terrified me when they first called me up on my biggest challenge, but not only did they make it easy to open up, they helped me to solve the problems I thought were mine alone.

Michael Grandjean
Owner at GranCor Enterprises.
New Mexico, USA
Vinay Chandra
CEO at High Peak Software.
Atlanta, USA
CEO at Ridgeline Partners.
San Francisco, USA
CEO at Legacy Mentors.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Argonauts supported me all the way through not only an extremely emotional transition, but also a risk-taking process to a place where I now enjoy a real passion for doing business. From being at a point where I saw myself as completely alone, I now know I am in good company with all the Argonauts.

Loes Fokker