The Trust Circle experience is a structured Journey with monthly inputs, ideas and exercises.

This journey through conversations is the centerpiece of the Navigator’s experience.

The Navigator Journey is your opportunity to navigate growth experiences based on a modular itinerary.

The structured peer-learning and our supportive community provide opportunities to further develop yourself, with learning content developed and facilitated by top coaches.

The dedicated focus on communicating in transformational situations with peer support ensures continuous growth as a conscious leader.

As a Navigator, you create your own journey, community and of course impact.

The Argonauts prepare a landscape of topics, exercises and impulses, as well as the formats, structures, and events to help you grow on your own terms.

Today, our world is becoming more and more complex faster than ever

Consequently, traditional, transactional-based communication alone cannot give us the solution for this higher level of complex challenges.

A different conversation

These complexities demand the development of a conscious mindset. This journey starts with a new way of communicating: by “having a different conversation”.

The communication knowledge we focus on is building on the findings of Gestalt Psychology, among others.

The Argonauts Community

is an ideal environment for these meaningful conversations, and it holds the Trust Circle conversations as a safe place at the center for your personal development and peer mentoring.

The purpose of The Argonauts

and the development journey of Navigators is to support the deeper rooting into a consciousness mindset.

It does this through:

  • self-directed learning and growth
  • deeper, resonant conversations
  • mastering leadership in transformative situations.

Members in the Trust Circle become “companions” as they:

  • develop themes
  • explore challenges
  • learn together on a shared journey.

It is this constant journey of deepening experiences that transforms every Argonaut’s inner world, and their outer world, with the power of bringing conscious and responsible transformation to any organization of their choosing.

Your journey as an Argonaut will not only benefit your professional life but your personal life as well.

Members report better family relations as they reduce business stress and get to know themselves better.

Want to learn more about our community?

Become part of a community of diverse leaders growing together and changing the world.

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