Are you ready to transform your life? Your tribe is looking for you!

Change is easier when you aren’t alone.

The Argonauts is a platform where conscious leaders connect, share and grow to become the best versions of themselves.

Have you thought lately…

“What is my purpose?”

“How can I make a positive impact in the world?”

“What am I really working towards?”

“How do I become a better leader?"

It all starts with having a different conversation.

Who are The Argonauts, really?

What if there was a way that you could achieve your highest potential and make a difference in the world? How would you feel? How would you act? How would you spend your days?

These were the questions the first Argonaut Stefan Beiten and his friends asked themselves 12 years ago.

The Argonauts first Explorers committed to forming a circle based on Trust – meeting monthly to share their experiences, feelings and thoughts openly and vulnerably in their lightest and darkest times.

Along the way, a transformation happened. Judgements and reactions were no longer needed: within this group, a deeper understanding had formed, not only towards each other but also in themselves.

Imagine a space for you to be 100% yourself, connect with like-minded peers, support each other and commit to making positive impact every day: That’s what we are here for.

Disrupting the status quo for a new mindset

It’s time to reassess old ways of thinking and doing that aren’t working – to find ways that contribute to a more sustainable world.

Things change when we change.

In a world of regulations, rules, social and economic pressures, it’s difficult to make choices. The transactional ways we communicate have created an illusion of purpose.

When the pursuit of the next reward is the only thing driving us, what are we really working towards?

Burnout. Depression. Anxiety.

This ‘hunger for more’ is a road to nowhere wreaking havoc on our hearts, minds and planet.

We are facing a paradigm shift.

The information versus our perception

Our progress has reached a tipping point. We’ve been led to believe fulfillment is possible from instant gratification, material objects and things.

This ‘what’s in it for me’ way of thinking creates a downward spiral. We begin to see others as competitors. We manifest distrust, stress and negative thinking. We react impulsively to our thoughts and emotions.

Am I aware whether I am …

... a conscious actor or an unconscious reactor?

... thinking of myself or whom I care about?

... feeling fear and deficiency or seeking love and creation?

Or am I …

above the line in a conscious state of seeking love and creation, being eco-centric and thriving?

below the line in an unconscious state of fear and reaction, being ego-centric and surviving?

When fear takes over, we become reactors to our lives. Destructive patterns repeat themselves. We feel victimized by our situations and obligations. It’s human nature.

When we act in fear, we allow our inner saboteurs to rule us. When we become aware of our inner saboteurs, that’s when the magic happens.

The Argonauts has developed a deep level scientific methodology that helps leaders to have a safe space, for them to become and create more.

What is the Explorer Membership?

Steeve van den Heede is here to explain it in a nutshell. 

How can it serve you and your community?

The Explorer Membership is a free membership we offer to conscious leaders like you, so that you can live a more purpose-driven, fulfilling life through:

Experience Sharing

You will be able to connect with our community of 3,000 peers worldwide that are here to support you whenever you need it on a personal or professional level

Online & Offline Spaces

Join our series of online events and take part in our retreats and gatherings worldwide to connect with other like minded-souls and have in-depth, non-judgemental conversations that could have transformative effects


Gain free access to content surrounding all facets of conscious leadership, weekly Q&A sessions where you can ask for insights from industry experts and conscious leaders all over the world

Open Circles

You will have the possibility to join a circle of 8 people monthly to share any business, personal, or community challenge you may be facing. Our adversities become our greatest gifts when we learn how to navigate them. This is what Open Circles are for: to get clear on your path and create a positive impact in your life and in the lives of others. Most Explorer members say that Open Circles have the power to change the course of their lives

Who is this membership for?

Our members are CEOs, founders, artists and ambitious corporate warriors. 

What is this membership for?

Every journey is unique. We can’t all fit inside one box. We create safe spaces for those missing conversations. Our values are our guiding compass:


A conscious leader acts from a point of proactivity

Our promise is to take you from reaction to creation. Ask yourself: “Where am I? Where do my actions come from?”


(Response-ability) This is a journey that will require you to take 100% responsibility for your life

Which will direct you from me to we. Can you answer “Who do I care about?”


Most people make decisions based on fear, instead of love

We are always deciding with love and care for the greater good. “What makes me feel alive?”

What do you need to get in?

By holding space for others and moving from me to we, that’s how we grow.

Such a great journey doesn’t happen without your effort and willingness to change. We also protect our members from leaders who are not ready to become part of our community.

To become a part of our community, you need to care about:


to support personal development

To make a difference in ourselves and our community, your commitment means everything.


to create a space of acceptance

Our mission is to contribute, and we achieve that by exploring curiously.


to safeguard authenticity

We practice active listening, which means not giving advice, but only asking fruitful questions. Judgement is not in our vocabulary.

See what others are saying

  • “What I really want to do is create businesses that also provide social value, building deep relationships with my customers and the communities we serve. Through The Argonauts, I gained insights from thought leaders who have achieved just that – creating ethical, social and profitable businesses.”

    Dwayne Kerrigan
    Senior Helpers, Canada
  • “When I first joined The Argonauts, I was reminded of these announcements on a plane when they say, first you put your oxygen mask on your own face before you take care of someone else. And I thought that the Argonauts could be my oxygen mask.”

    Katia Walsh
    Chief Strategy & A.I Officer at Levi Strauss, USA
  • “Couldn’t believe that you can have this kind of intimacy with people you have never met.”

    Dirk Wolf
    Managing Director & CFO at Market Logic Software, Germany

Are you curious and ready to learn?

Here’s how to become a member:

Step 2
Attend virtual peer-learning meet-ups
Step 3
Learn, grow and discover more about yourself
Step 4
Explore Navigator level when ready

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