Conscious States of Leadership Profile™ + Conversational Fluency™ Master Class

Bundle Offer

The CSLP assesses conscious states of individuals and teams to develop aware, responsible and empathetic leadership styles for personal and organizational thriving.

Unlock your conscious leadership potential with The Argonauts' holistic approach

The Conscious States of Leadership Profile™ provides unique insights into the different ways of understanding and being in the world. It identifies the rock-star leaders within any organization with the potential to become trailblazers of innovation and collaboration.

It allows individuals and teams to leverage their cognitive intelligence, add empathetic intelligence, and activate CQ, their collective wisdom.

What does the report look like?

Discover your unique profile

Discover your individual distribution across all Conscious States. Understanding how different states can show up in different situations in your life and leadership can help you developing your self-awareness and conscious leadership. 

Explore your State

Explore your Conscious State in detail: The report includes a comprehensive analysis of each State, including what you may see in yourself versus what others may see, your potential blind spots, motivators, as well as reflection questions and practical next steps for your development. 

Dive into the methodology

The Argonauts’ methodology behind the CSLP™ is based on Adult Development Theory. Learn more about how it works in your report. 

Bundle offer

Benefit from an exclusive offer


for individuals

Take the CSLP™ self-assessment to uncover your leadership states, strengths and blindspots. 

Frequently asked questions

For whom is this?

Our programs are designed for individuals and teams who see themselves as paradigm-shifters, people inspirers, and change makers in their organization.

How long does it take to complete the assessment?

On average, 20 minutes. 

When do I get my report?

The report is sent via email immediately after completing the assessment online. 

Are volume discounts available?

Yes. We offer bundles for teams and organizations. 

  • Individual Purchase: 179 Euro / 197 US-Dollar
  • Bundles of 5 – 20 assessments: 149 Euro / 164 US-Dollar per assessment
  • Bundles of 21 – 50 assessments: 129 Euro / 142 US-Dollar per assessment
  • Bundles of 51 – 100 assessment: 109 Euro / 120 US-Dollar per assessment
  • Bundles of 101 – 500 assessments: 99 Euro / 109 US-Dollar per assessment
  • Bundles of 501 – 1000 assessments: 79 Euro / 187 US-Dollar per assessment
  • Bundles of 1.001 – 5.000: assessments: 59 Euro / 65 US-Dollar per assessment
  • Bundles of 5.001 + assessments: 49 Euro / 54 US-Dollar per assessment
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