We unite for impact

The Argonauts is a collaborative and culture transformation community. We create spaces of growth and shared values for change-makers, people-inspirers and paradigm-shifters. 

The Argonauts are on a mission to expand consciousness in leaders worldwide and empower their purpose, one conversation at a time. 

The future of leadership is collective mindsets, not competencies

We provide community-backed spaces to maximize the power of peer-to-peer exchange – professionally facilitated.

Aligned by ancient wisdom, grounded in science and elevated by technology, but fundamentally human. Guided by our values of awareness, responsibility and empathy, in all we do.


We unite purposeful leaders to build powerful networks and shape humane futures.


We share facilitated spaces to pursue collective impact and purpose.


We grow into thriving beings by expanding our consciousness and resonance.

Conversation & belonging are at the core of what we do

Have courageous conversations about what really matters, become aware of who you truly are, create priceless experiences of deep belonging and catalyze the insight of your peers for new paths towards change.

Whether as an individual leader or through custom programs for your enterprise,
explore and ignite human potential to its fullest – at scale and systematic. 


Become part of something bigger than yourself

We unite purposeful leaders to build powerful networks and shape humane futures. 

In our community space, Argonauts from 70+ countries connect with each other, share ideas, and create impact projects together to solve real-world challenges. Together, they are working on effecting change in what matters most to them, and the planet.

How we empower purpose in our Community Space

  • Create the base of your new leadership identity (through Quiz, Explorer Essentials, Conscious Living Room and other Events)
  • Build a unique network of leaders committed to purpose and impact
  • Collaborate with members on impact projects and produce real change

→ Learn more about the community space


The priceless experience of continued deep human interaction

We share facilitated spaces to pursue collective purpose. In our Circle Spaces, we bring together leaders world-wide on a voyage to empower purpose and to bring it to action. 

In our Trust Circle space, members join a professionally facilitated, personal forum of up to eight committed peers to empower purpose. Members can join individually or as an enterprise.

How we empower purpose in our Circle Space

  • 12 Week Exploration Circle
  • Executive Trust Circle
  • Enterprise Circle

→ Learn more about the circle space


The Culture Transformation Operating System – personal, systemic and at scale

The Argonauts’ methodology focuses on empowering members to find their purpose as the key to developing personal and professional purpose, inner aliveness and outer impact. 

Structured peer-learning experiences cultivate your leadership impact, focusing on developing conversational fluency, empathize with the experiences of others, and develop real-life leadership skills. 

How we empower purpose through our methodology

  • ARE: Conversational Fluency
  • ACT: Wisdom in Action
  • Expanding Consciousness: 12 qualities + 4 waves

→ Learn more about our methodology

In numbers





/ 10

avg. satisfaction

Loved by 2,000 leaders worldwide

Our members are paradigm-changers and innovators. 70%+ are at the C-Suite level – from founders to leaders of fortune 100 companies. 

Real results, backed by science

Companies who have an alignment of team purpose and organizational purpose outperform the stock market by 42%.







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