The Conscious States of Leadership Assessment

Why we're here

The Conscious States of Leadership Assessment is offered by The Argonauts to support your development as an Argonauts member. The Conscious States of Leadership Profile (CSLP) is a self-assessed profile based on our conscious leadership model across 6 states of consciousness. After completing the assessment you will receive a report with 30 pages that is unique for you. 

The profile reports what you might see in yourself, what others might see in you and how to develop using the art of Conversational Fluency. Based on Adult Development Theory, the profile supports you to become aware of how to develop consciousness – experiencing new ways of thinking, sensing, doing and being to impact your relationships, your organizations and ultimately the planet. 

The 6 Conscious States of Leadership

Achieving Expert

Knowledgeable, goal-oriented, practical

Shadow sides:
Controlling, burnt out, perfectionist

Curious Achiever

Curious, gets things done, well networked

Shadow sides:
Always busy, self-critical, materialistic

Empathetic Seeker

Empathetic, kind, somatic

Shadow sides:
Self-negligent, conflict avoidant, hides vulnerability

Courageous Pioneer

Courageous, authentic, positive

Shadow sides:
Non-conforming, confrontational, impatient

Transformational Innovator

Loving, open minded, impact-oriented

Shadow sides:
Despairing, challenging, non-attached

Inspirational Integrator

Alive, wise, liberating 

Shadow sides:
Mysterious, aloof, complex

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