Our Approach

The Argonauts approach to conscious leadership development is

  • holistic,
  • decidedly eco-centric
  • and non-transactional.

This is underlined by our community values, which are fundamental character traits of humane leadership:

  • Awareness
  • Responsibility
  • Empathy


Traditional leadership models are good at facilitating technical and tactical solutions, however they come up short on the personal, organizational and planetary level.

The Argonauts are united by the thought that raising consciousness of today’s world and knowledge is the key to becoming wiser and more impactful leaders.

Each of us has our own unique journey of acquiring knowledge and experiences which contribute to this result.

We provide a cutting-edge solution

The Argonauts approach consists of a

self-navigated personal journey to
and grow.

At the core of our Navigator membership are regular exchanges with seven other leaders and a highly-trained facilitator in your personal and virtual Trust Circle, self-navigating the ideas and exercises of one of the most advanced and adoptable collections of knowledge on conscious leadership today.

Our journey modules are based on the learned experiences of all Trust Circles.


We connect conscious leaders on our personal and virtual platforms.

We support each other to learn and to enable a more sustainable world where awareness, responsibility and empathy are guiding values.

The unique space The Argonauts create is trusted by over 2,000 peers from more than 70 countries.

We cover nearly every major, future-oriented industry and are grateful to bring people together to create positive impact.


We facilitate peer learning.
Our approach is based on sharing relevant experience,
not on giving advice.

The Argonauts create a safe space for conscious leaders to grow their personal insight and understand the Why behind their behavior.

Our Trust Circles enable leaders to create and have impact together and inspire change. The conversations reveal their deeper motivations and spark ideas for a process of purposeful change.
For life.

Conversation Guidelines that are based on community principles and values:

  • Active listening
  • Speaking clearly
  • Non-judgemental exchanges
  • Sharing personal experiences
  • Curious exploration


We have an impact in the world. We share a journey to interact, learn, and grow as humans, transforming our relationships and affecting the future in a sustainable way.

Navigators are a diverse group, provided with numerous, carefully designed tools.

The structured peer-learning experience helps you grow your leadership impact, focusing on developing conversational learning, the experiences of others, and supporting real-life professional leadership.

Explorers take the first step to engaging in more conscious leadership worldwide, as they start with assessments and access the stories and experiences of our methodology.


Keeping ahead of challenges and responsibilities of leadership becomes increasingly problematic as complexity escalates.

We offer you a unique opportunity;
The Argonauts approach consists of a self-navigated leadership development journey to connect, share and grow. At its core are regular exchanges with seven other leaders and a facilitator in your personal and virtual Trust Circle.

Guided approach

Our community features are available worldwide. They enable you to navigate your development on your own – with guidance always available.

A culture of sharing

Our community enables you to have conversations by sharing experiences and exploring life and its opportunities for inspiration and impact in facilitated formats and a trusted space.

Expanding awareness together

Having people we can relate to helps us move forward and grow. Our culture makes these meaningful encounters possible. With these deep connections, vital relationships and great lifelong friendships can grow.


We support structured learning and guided personal development based on a growing body of psychological, philosophical, business, and societal ideas.

This wealth of wisdom and knowledge is called the Current of Thought and is the basis of our publications and video content.

It also structures our Trust Circle meetings to help propel our conversations forward.

This builds on Conscious Leadership research carried out at leading universities and institutions globally and helps bring it into the real world.

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