Our Approach

The Argonauts’ approach focuses on empowering members to master meaning-making as the key to developing personal and professional purpose, inner aliveness and outer impact.

The key capability we develop, simple as it may sound, is the art of Conversational Fluency™: learning to communicate meaningfully with each other in keeping with the Argonaut core values of Awareness, Responsibility and Empathy.

This starts with mastering our inner conversation, the dialogue within us all. We learn to bring this newfound consciousness out to interactions with those around us. We learn how to listen and to speak with each other, without judgment and advice-giving.

We learn how to draw upon our experience, relating stories to expand the consciousness of others and ourselves. We learn to become authors of our own life-stories, conscious actors leading with newfound purpose that leads to greater impact on our lives and all those around us.

Why The Argonauts?

Drs. Loes Fokker explains


We connect purposeful leaders.

We support each other to learn and to enable a more sustainable world where awareness, responsibility and empathy are guiding values.

The Argonauts as a community brings together more than 2,000 diverse leaders from more than 70 countries. They are corporate executives and executive coaches, artists and scientists, community activists and startup entrepreneurs, philanthropists and philosophers. All are welcome to apply for a place in our community and mission-driven purposeful leadership network.


We facilitate peer learning and experience sharing. Our approach is based on the art of conversational fluency, based on active listening and speaking with vulnerability. We avoid judgment and advice-giving.

The Argonauts create a confidential space for leaders to find the meaning of their personal lives and their professional purpose, to and understand the Why behind their actions and then to develop purpose accordingly. Our Trust Circle Journey empowers leaders to create impact and inspire change.


We empower leaders to develop the sense of purpose to address real-world challenges and create a new planetary resonance. We share a journey to interact, learn, and grow as humans, transforming our relationships and influencing the future in a sustainable way.

Structured peer-learning experiences cultivate your leadership impact, focusing on developing conversational fluency, empathize with the experiences of others, and develop real-life professional leadership skills. Argonauts engage with peers in leadership worldwide, creating meaningful connections and outer impact.


Guided approach

Our community features are available worldwide. They enable you to navigate your development on your own – with guidance always available.

A culture of sharing

Our community enables you to have conversations by sharing experiences and exploring life and its opportunities for inspiration and impact in a confidential space for meaningful conversation with peers.

Expanding awareness together

We foster a culture that makes meaningful encounters possible. Deep connections, vital relationships and lifelong friendships flourish.

Flowing Current of Thought

We support structured learning and guided personal development based on discussion of the latest psychological, philosophical, business, social and environmental trends and ideas.


Keeping ahead of challenges and responsibilities of leadership becomes problematic as complexity escalates.

The Argonauts as an organization have developed a comprehensive and coherent philosophy, the Argosophy, which traces the evolution of conscious leadership, meaning making, and the sense of aliveness that results.

The Argonauts approach consists of self-navigated leadership development to connect, share and grow. At its core are interactive live video exchanges with other leaders in a confidential setting conducive to candid conversation. Navigators alone are eligible to join the Trust Circle Journey.

Want to learn more about our community?

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