A community designed to meet the demands of the modern leader

The Argonauts is the first collaborative peer-to-peer community nurturing authentic leaders through transformational experiences. At the core of your membership are your Trust Circle and the Network Concierge Service for you to connect, collaborate, and grow with your peers. In addition, we offer a selection of premium partner offers and additional programs. 

Trust Circle

Leveraging facilitated digital peer learning in a group of 8 trusted global peers 

Network Concierge

Facilitated introductions to high profile candidates for any target persona

Premium Partners

Partnering with leading organizations world-wide for infinite growth opportunities

How it works

How The Argonauts enable transformative leadership

Selected peers

Connecting equal peers for mutual benefit

As our community relies heavily on mutual trust and experience sharing, we place special value on selecting the right members. Our strict invitation-only membership process ensures that you are surrounded by impactful and like-minded peers with your best interest in mind.

Holistic approach

Integrating personal life, profession & relationships

The Argonauts are not a business-only community. We recognize that your relationships and your inner self are just as important to a fulfilled and successful life as your business is. Therefore, our community supports you in nurturing and balancing all three components of your life. 

Facilitated challenge exploration

A safe environment for experience exchange

Your Argonauts Trust Circle supports your development both as an individual and leader of your organization. Accompanied by a professional facilitator, the Circle is designed as a safe space for experience exchange, honest dialogue, and authentic vulnerability among peers. 

Global and local

Shaping leaders world-wide

As a digital community, The Argonauts enable connections across borders, time zones, and industries. In addition, we organize international learning journeys & local events on a regular basis to connect and work with equal peers and renowned thought leaders from all over the world. 

Exclusive partner offers

Collaborating with premium partners world-wide

We partner with leading communities, thought leaders, and organizations to deliver a holistic variety of solutions. As a member, you benefit from Argonaut-exclusive programs as well as numerous other offers from our premium partners. 

Curated Learning

Learning from international thought leaders

We support our members with solutions designed for the courageous, entrepreneurial leaders of today’s world. Collaborating with global thought leaders, we provide exclusive in-depth knowledge relevant for entrepreneurial leaders in the digital age.