The Argonauts

We are transforming the world as we grow more conscious of the world ourselves. 

Stefan Beiten
Initiator of The Argonauts


Leaders lack a space to talk openly and candidly with each other about questions and topics that can be better understood and resolved together. 

We create secure, confidential spaces to have these missing conversations

Experience Space

Delve deep into the ideas that help create your personal journey – from the everyday people that change the world, to cutting-edge neuroscience, psychology and philosophy:

Community Space

Our community raises the consciousness of leaders and increases the impact of their individual journeys. 

We create a culture based on

  • awareness,
  • responsibility and
  • empathy

to nurture conscious leadership. 

In numbers





/ 10

avg. satisfaction*

The Argonauts and their approach create impact and opportunities for communities and corporations globally.

*Average satisfaction score of our Navigating Members, recorded after each Trust Circle session


Your commitment and experience will determine if you will be selected to become a permanent Explorer or a Navigating Argonaut

As an Explorer, you are granted read-only access to The Argonauts cutting-edge pool of knowledge. 

You can also take advantage of our virtual peer-learning formats where you can experience new ways to connect, share, and grow.

It takes up to three months to become a fully-fledged Explorer

Navigators are fully-vested participants of a diverse crew of committed leaders embarking on a life-long journey together.

You can join Trust Circles and are granted read/write access to all knowledge and your journey.

Approach & Methodology

The Argonauts’ approach consists of a

self-navigated personal journey to connect, share and grow. 

At its core are regular exchanges with seven other leaders and a facilitator in your personal and virtual Trust Circle.


  • Akram Baker

  • Anke Valkhof

  • Antonia Ortiz

    Community Development
  • Arthur Davis

  • Dr. Christoph Quarch

    Consulting Philosopher
  • Elsa Cuissard

    Community Development
  • Enzo Kleijn

    Community Growth
  • Eveline van den Heuvel

  • Franz-Philippe Przybyl

  • Freya Mi-Ju Busse

    Member Experience
  • Geo Hanzlik

    Product Development & Facilitation
  • Jonathan Hefter

  • Julian Morrison

  • Loes Fokker

    Chief Culture Officer
  • Marcel Kim

  • Maxi Scupin

    Member Experience
  • Melissa O’Hara

  • Mimoza Krasniqi

  • Steeve Vanden heede

  • Stefan Beiten

  • Theresa Gast

    Community Development
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