About the argonauts

A community of courageous leaders and their organizations in the digital age

The Argonauts community was formed with the intention to create a new global community manifesting human aliveness in the digital age. We’re evolving past exhausted mentalities such as zero-sum economics and scarcity-based politics: Our mission is to create and harmonize personal, professional and relationship prosperity for courageous leaders and their organizations in a global community of trust and respect.

Inspired by the Argonaut heroes of the Greek myth, we are entrepreneurial leaders who define ourselves by the quality and sustainability of the virtues we cherish and the impact we create, combined with the courage to take risks.

This identity of courageous leaders empowers us to bring innovation to life and aliveness to the world for lasting, true prosperity – encompassing business, personal development, social and sustainability activism as well as the arts, be it for-profit or not-for-profit endeavors.

What we do

The Argonauts' Formula for Entrepreneurial Prosperity

The Argonauts’ goal is wholeness and balance: To succeed with fulfillment, to prosper with meaning and to feel fully alive. 

Prosperity is the product of success and fulfillment: Achievement of material wealth multiplied by the feeling of aliveness that comes with accomplishment. To succeed, leaders multiply innovative boldness, calculated risk-taking, and high trust. The Argonauts help leaders reduce risks and increase chances of success by providing actionable knowledge, relevant connections and trusting relationships with those who are prospering.

Meet some of our members

Global thought leaders, passionate entrepreneurs, and experienced industry leaders

Together and bound by our shared values, we embark on the heroic journey of a life lived with aliveness. Supported by a unique and digitized methodology and inspired by a timeless philosophy, we unite the most committed souls in a new global community.

  • Alexander Plajer

    Argonaut, Germany

    Co-Founder & CEO of Plajer & Franz Studio

  • Mo Moubarak

    Argo Leader in the field of HR

    Co-Founder & Head of Business Development at MoBerries

  • Stefan Beiten

    Initiator of The Argonauts

    Managing Partner of the Argo Venture Studio, Producer of Earth

  • Nathan King

    Argonauts Founding Member Australia

    Founder & Director of Kingprop

  • Sam Hazledine

    Argonauts Founding Member New Zealand

    Founder & CEO of MedRecruit

  • Dr. Christoph Quarch

    Argo Leader in the field of Philosophy

    Chief Philosophy Officer of The Argonauts

  • Sascha Grumbach

    Argonaut, Germany

    Managing Partner of the Argo Venture Studio

  • Curt Cronin

    Argonauts Founding Member San Francisco

    Founder & CEO of Ridgeline Partners

  • Amanda Gutterman

    Argo Leader in the field of Cryptocurrency

    CMO at ConsenSys and creator of Ethereal

  • Prof. Dr. Julian Kawohl

    Argo Leader in the field of Innovation

    Professor for Strategic Business Transformation

  • Abigail Pugh

    Membership Office

    Founder & CEO at Abigail Rebecca

  • Dr. Nandu Nandakumar

    Argo Leader in the field of AI

    CTO at Razorthink

  • Kelly Quinn

    Membership Office

    Founder & CEO at Business Wisdom

  • Sharon Wong Walker

    Argonauts Founding Member Singapore

    Founder & Managing Director of Feniks Consulting

  • Drs. Loes Fokker

    Argo Leader in the field of Organizational Psychology

    Founder & CEO at Inspired Advisory

  • Scott White

    Accelerator Chair

    Founder & CEO of White Incorporated

  • Nikolai Ladanyi

    Argo Leader in the field of Scaling

    Founder & CEO of Scale Up

  • Marcus de Maria

    Argo Leader in the field of Trading

    Founder & CEO of Investment Mastery Trading

  • Michael Grandjean

    Argonauts Founding Member New Mexico

    CEO & Founder of GranCor Enterprises